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Wall Lights

What type of bathroom wall light do you need?

There are a number of bathroom lights you might need, so we've arranged them into collections to make it easier

Decorative wall lights and wall spotlights are the most popular types while over the mirror speak for themselves.

Bathroom Wall Lights Bathroom Wall Spotlights Bathroom Over Mirror Lights


Wall light task lighting

These serve a function, Illuminated shaving sockets along with cabinets & mirrors

help you carry out specific tasks in the bathroom making it easier to see.

Bathroom Illuminated Cabinet Mirrors Bathroom Illuminated Mirrors Bathroom Shaving Lights


Good To Know - Bathroom Zones Explained

    The bathroom is broken into zones which indicate how waterproof the light fitting needs to be.

    ZONE 0: This is directly inside the bath submerged in the water; we do not currently sell fittings for this zone.

    ZONE 1: Above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25m. All the ones we sell that are suitable for this Zone will say IP65 in their name. They mean water from your showers spray can not get into them.

    ZONE 2: The area stretching to 60cm around Zone 1 of the bath or shower and the washbasin. All the ones we sell that are suitable for this zone will say IP44 in their name. This rating means they are splash proof. All the Zone 1's are perfectly fine for this area too.

    Outside the zones: This area does not need a waterproof rating, however as it will only cost a few pounds more we would recommend using fittings that do have a waterproof rating to keep you and your family safe.

    Bathroom Recessed Downlights