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Kitchen Downlights

    Ideally you should fit your down lights above the edge or your work surfaces so as not to cause shadows from where you are working. If this is difficult to achieve then recessed lights that tilt are a good choice.

    This full range of recessed lights can either take the replaceable LED bulbs or will have an integrated LED with up to a 5 years warranty.

    All of these light fittings can be used in a kitchen; they are all fully compliant with current fire laws for 30, 60 & 90 minute ratings.

    Kitchen Recessed Downlights

One of the most popular types of lighting for kitchens these days, recessed lighting or down lights create good even light across your kitchen.


As the down lights can be placed over work areas it means that shadows are not so evident as they are with a central light.


Some down lights are fixed while others can be rotated to angle the light even more to where you want it.


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