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LED Candle Bulbs

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The Candle bulb is one of the most attractive designs on the market. Most commonly used in Chandeliers, it provides a great alternative to a standard bulb, where you might need a tighter fit, which a common bulb will not allow.


The candle bulb is predominantly used as an E14 (Small Edison Screw Socket), however due to the latest technology, there are bayonet fittings that are now available in the candle shape.


Due to the rise in demand of the candle shaped bulb, there has been a recent release in the candle tip bulb. Exactly the same as the candle bulb, however the end is shaped as a flame and looks more aesthetically pleasing.


Colour Temperatures:

There are 3 primary colour temperatures you can choose from our site, these temperatures are measured in Kelvin:


Warm White – Most common in households and provides the best likeness in colour as to what a traditional bulb would provide.


Cool White – Gives a clinical or “high tech” feel.


Daylight – Simulating natural daylight, most commonly used in industrial lighting.