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LED Capsule Bulbs

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The LED capsule bulb with a G4 or G9 base is a direct replacement for the conventional halogen bulb that immediately cuts energy usage by up to 90% and provides up to 25,000 hours of lamp life compared to the 2000-hour halogen alternative. In addition the LED is far tougher and can be completely recycled.


The LED capsule comes in wattages ranging from 1w to 4 watts, the equivalent of 10-40w; you have a choice of Cool White, Warm White or Daylight colour temperatures and as a dimmable or non-dimmable bulb. These bulbs are a brilliant light source; producing an exceptionally bright sparkling light, so please do not be put off by the low wattages you see.


The dimmable LED capsule offers smooth linear dimming from 10-100%. This is a highly adaptable lighting solution used in down lights, to create a totally different accent in any room.