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LED Spotlight Bulbs

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We stock a variety of LED spotlight bulbs, whether you need them to be dimmable or provide a different light accent, with a specific colour temperature.  These various spotlights are first of all split into 3 socket types:

GU10: These are the mains powered spotlights, which are the most common in everyday homes.

MR16: This is the low voltage option to the one above and requires a driver to be used upon installation.

MR11: These are the same as the MR16, however the pins at the bottom are slightly closer together. Again you will require a driver to be used. (You will be made aware when choosing your low voltage recessed light, which type of MR spotlight you will need.)

Once you know which socket type you require, you will then need to think about wattages and what sort of light output you require. 

Please see our comparison chart below:

Traditional Bulb Vs LED Bulbs:


40w  > 3-5w


60w > 6-8w


100w > 12-16w

Colour Temperatures:


There are 3 primary colour temperatures you can choose from our site, these temperatures are measured in Kelvin: 

Warm White – Most common in households and provides the best likeness in colour as to what a traditional bulb would provide.


Cool White – Gives a clinical or “high tech” feel.


Daylight – Simulating natural daylight, most commonly used in industrial lighting.