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With several thousand designs it makes sense to narrow it down a little by knowing what shape and size of light you need.

Ceiling height is important, flush & semi flush lights are great for lower ceilings, if you can almost touch your ceiling by stretching these are a good choice. If there’s plenty of space you might want to use a hanging light.

The exception to the rule is when you want to add a little drama, like a low pendant bar over a dinning room table.

Over 7000 Ceiling Lights - Sorted by shape...

Multi Arm Ceiling Lights Flush & Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Crystal & Glass Flush and Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Ribbon Pendant Lights Sphere & Caged Ceiling Lights Modern LED Ring Ceiling Lights Chandelier Ceiling Lights Crystal & Glass Pendant Lights Grand Chandelier Ceiling Lights Decorative Flush & Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Simple Flush Ceiling Lights Shaded Flush & Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Something Different Ceiling Lights Something Different Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Dome Pendant Lights Smaller Pendant lights Fabric Shade Ceiling Lights Caged Wire Framed Pendant Lights Moroccan Ceiling Lights Lantern Ceiling Lights Fisherman & Station Pendant Ceiling Lights Globe Pendant Lights Medieval Ceiling Lights Tiffany Ceiling Lights Rise And Fall Pendant Lights Twin Spot Light Bars Spotlight Bars Spotlight Clusters Pendant Cluster Ceiling Lights Bar Cluster Pendant Lights Bar Pendant Lights With Shades Straight Bar Pendant Lights


With literally thousands of ceiling lights, you're going to find your perfect design right here.

In this section you can browse by design, get a feel for the differences between the major design styles. You might be surprised by the style you fall in love with.

An Urban or Industrial style can look really cool in a modern setting and a transitional style will add a touch of modern to a refined living room.

Or browse by style to find your perfect...

Modern Ceiling Lights Transitional Ceiling Lights Urban Industrial Ceiling Lights Minimalist Ceiling Lights Contemporary Ceiling Lights Statement Ceiling Lights Scandinavian Ceiling Lights Vintage Ceiling Lights Classic Ceiling Lights Retro Ceiling Lights Bohemian Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

You will find that we have one of the UK’s biggest ranges of ceiling lights, with literally thousands of design choices to consider.


The style and type of ceiling fitting you choose can have a huge impact on your room and even your life. Not only do we need light to give ample illumination we also can use it to create a little drama both visually and in its design.


The first thing to decide is what sort of fitting you need, by this we mean is it practical to use. If you have low ceiling where you can almost touch the ceiling by stretching you should look at flush or semi flush fittings as these will give you the head space you need so that you’re not walking into the fittings. Measure the distance above your head and keep to a safe height. If you live in a property with higher or vaulted ceiling then you really need to think about using lights that hang down on a chain or a bar. Using flush will make the room seem empty and void of design.


Next you need to consider the proportions of the room picking light fittings that are too small will not give you enough light to fill the room making it gloomy which can have an effect on how we feel. Also picking a light fitting that is way to big will have an overbearing effect on the room. The easiest way to decide on a size is to look at the current fitting and consider if it does the job well, from here you can decide whether it needs to be increased in size or reduced.


If it’s the only light source in the room you may want it to be dimmable as this is a cheap and easy way to change the evening mood where your tasks are done and you want to relax. Dimming the lights makes a room feel cosy and changes your environment literally at the flick of a switch.

Finally decide on the style of fitting you want to use, look at the design features you like and have in your room. Whether it be a hanging chandelier with 6 arms or a semi flush domed fitting you will find different styles in all the fitting shapes we offer.


Often people will want either a modern or a traditional style but there is so much more in between. Modern tends to be clean plain lines similar to minimal but not quite so stark and is often too modern for most people. If this is true for you try modern transitional, this works perfectly and is actually one of the UK’s most popular styles. What is it? We’ll its where traditional styles are taken such has a multi armed chandelier and given a makeover. That could be to simplify the candle shapes into cleaner lines and then use a modern material such as chrome or brushed steel. It’s about stripping away the intricate scrolls and using a simpler form.


Traditional or vintage on the other hand is very popular in the UK with our housing stock. If you live in a Victorian or Edwardian home you might love it for its features and want to keep in keeping with these. You will find a wide range of fitting that are suit this style and again of you are updating the look the modern transitional can work here too.


If you looking to theme your room or add some drama choose from the various over styles on offer such as urban industrial or Scandinavian. Learn more about these styles but visiting these categories. If you like being at the front of design then take a look at the contemporary section, this as often mistaken to mean modern but it’s not. It’s about what’s on trend, what’s currently hot, so you will find the ceiling fittings here can be challenging in their concept as they are drawing on all different styles. Learn more by viewing the different categories and take your time as we want you to be happy with the choices you make and a little planning goes a long way.