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Full Range of LED replacements for standard light bulb fittings...

Here you will find all the different sockets such as screw fit and bayonet.

There is also clear and frosted version of most light fittings as well as dimmable and non dimmable.

LED Candle Bulbs LED GLS Bulbs LED Capsule Bulbs LED Spotlight Bulbs LED Globe Bulbs LED Golf Ball Bulbs


Decorative Light Bulbs...

These light bulbs are on bang trend and extremely popular. The biggest bulb measures 45cm high.

Used with a simple pendant fitting available 1, 2, 4, & 5 drops they are great with both Urban & Vintage styled rooms


LED Tube Bulbs LED Rustic Bulbs LED Special Bulbs LED Giant Bulbs LED XXL Bulbs


Specific light bulb for certain fittings...

We have a range of slightly more obscure light bulbs.

Find exactly what you need quickly and easily using the options below.

LED R7S Bulbs LED Reflector Bulbs

The EU has decided to put a ban on the production of normal incandescent light bulbs, due to them being considered as environmentally harmful with their high-energy consumption. By 2016 all incandescent light bulbs will be phased out.


As a direct replacement there are 3 options for you, all designed to use less energy:


Energy Saving Halogen Bulbs – Save 30% energy.


Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL’s) – Save 80% energy.


LED Bulbs – Save up to 90% energy.


Even though they use less energy, they will still provide the same light as a normal incandescent bulb.